Who We Are

About The HPOA

The membership of the Hillsboro Police Officers’ Association (HPOA) is made up of line level law enforcement professionals who live in the greater Hillsboro area. As with any community, our membership has varying political viewpoints. Because of this, the HPOA has chosen to be a non-political association: we do not make financial contributions to political candidates, political parties or any other partisan political action committees. We have and will continue to give our written endorsement to local ballot measures that promote public safety.

The HPOA was created in the mid-1990s after we separated from a national labor union. At that time most public safety organizations in Oregon were represented by this larger union. We here in Hillsboro realized that we had a unique role in our community and different needs than the national union could provide. As the HPOA, we are dedicated to representing our membership of over 140 line level police officers and support staff in labor negotiations. In addition to our labor relations role, the HPOA believes in giving back to our local community by participating in community relation programs and making charitable donations to local organizations.

Our HPOA membership consists of sworn uniformed patrol officers, Detectives and non-sworn support staff. Our Non-sworn staff work in areas such as the Domestic Violence Unit, Records Division, Property/Evidence Division, Community Enhancement Team, Mediation Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Fleet management and other administrative support staff. HPOA works with Police Administration and the City to ensure that our members receive the training, equipment and support necessary to keep our department operating affectively and our residents, families, and businesses safe.

Hillsboro is an economically, ethnically and culturally diverse city and our membership mirrors this diversity. As an organization, we firmly believe that having a healthy and trusting relationship with the residents and businesses of Hillsboro promotes effective community-oriented policing. This partnership is enhanced by the many local community programs our members participate in. To learn more about these programs, check out our Community Involvement page.